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www.uxmastery.com www.quora.com/topic/User-Experience-Design >

Let me ask for someone that can lend a hand to us.

Matthew of UXMastery explains better in this video what a UX Designer does.

Take attention at that and thanks Matt!

I'd like to know more on you.

What Experiences!!

Can I know more?


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Bernardo Cigliano/ QUIZ time!!

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S/D/UXD to help your choice?

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Observe another image below now.

People know what they need, right?

Bernardo Cigliano

A UXD or Simplicity Designer has a sort of full experienced past to work with!

What I call a TOOLS-BOX.

It's a sort of amazing story to tell!

Bernardo Cigliano

And, my lazy friend.., here also a short Audio..

Bernardo Cigliano

I'm sorry if a missed someone.

Bernardo Cigliano

Now, what if we go straight to the Simplify Design Bases?

Which of the represented tracks is Design and which one is Simplicity or UXD?

Left? Right one?

Bernardo Cigliano

We know exactly what we need: we often do not know that we know it!

Simplicity Design and UXD is a huge mix of our Experiences, Jobs, Habits, Competences, translated in a Plan.

Take a look at a Quora UXD topic.

Bernardo Cigliano

A Simplcity and UX Designer works with Companies and PA to reduce the steps of business operations.

This releases resources that can be used in more value-added assets.

That also contributes to well-being and satisfaction.

Simplicity Designer ?

I've worked on projects with various companies in different industries, either on staff or as independent freelancer.

Let me list you a brief Portfolio:

Feel tired? Get in touch so!

Ok,here how we can GET IN TOUCH.

Decide how.


You can send me an email, it's very easy:  b@bc6.it


Or we can talk by phone:

00 39 392 100 1822


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