Studies say that Simplification is going to be one of the most important job of the next 20 years.

Can understand why?

Oh!      ..Why so?

Let me introduce to you few points, ok?

Reduce the Gap

Simplification means optimize the steps to target. That's it.

In year 2000 I realized that Complexity was going to raise so fast, so I designed a Web Project that in a way wanted to predict it.        It won a Golden Web Award. Take a look.

Our thoughts were true. Today there's too much complexity. Want know why?

Please tell me.

Complexity Times.

Bernardo Cigliano

Pseudo-Innovators created a huge multiplication of Complexity.

Simplicity demand was slower..

In 2001 born the first Web Project designed on UX bases.

It also won a World GWA for the Year 2001/2002.

It was my first UXD on a website.

True! A lot of Innovations often complicate our lives       ..

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