The bases of

Simplicity and UX Design.

Bernardo Cigliano

The so-called Progress is going to complicate our lives and we need Simplicity Experts to simplify them.. ..

.. .. It looks like a Paradox.

I remember yrs 2ks when themes like Religions, Humans, Virtues, Sins crowded our thoughts because people were looking for their Clearness, the Essence of their Life and Esistence.

In yr 2001 I was asked by Optimedia Group to create the Concept and Non-Conventional Design of what would have been the "Event of the Year".

"Sacre and Profane" concept has been performed during a whole night.

It was amazing. It is still now.

Bernardo Cigliano

Innovation and Progress created confusion.

It is a Paradox. We came to the bases.

The Simplicity Paradox, right?

What are the bases of Simplification?

Simplification has 4 bases.

1.First one is WORTH.

In yr 2002 Fondazione Arturo Toscanini, ITA, decided to merge extraordinary talented people from all world to work on what in its plans should have been the Opera Event of the Year.

I was contacted to work on Media Art Direction.

Giuseppe Verdi RIGOLETTO acted  worldwide showing people the real WORTH of what Simplicity releases.

Many international broadcsatings collaborated in that Project: MTV, Match Music, TDK, a SONY DVD!

That was a great media experience.

      Your work was really great!

You worked on Simplification?

Bernardo Cigliano

Only a Simplification Plan made that Event successfull.

Bernardo Cigliano

Look at these pictures:

Tradition, Hystory and Simplification!

  Ohhh!! You said THAT Rigoletto!


 Those innovative Costumes...

Fantastic! Did you were in some places?..London, Siene, Istanbul?..

I was in Siene that hot summer of 2002..       more than 100k people were standing at Rigoletto!

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