Bernardo Cigliano

Ok, thanks for your time. Can I talk of only one more point before you quit?

Bernardo Cigliano

I work also with individuals to simplify their lives. Ordinary people like me, with a family and normal lives.

Are you interested in knowing how?

2016, CUBE Design & Engineering, IT, RO, MIAMI US Bernardo Cigliano Design Simplify Design UXD

I have a great friend. He asked me to work on the last his project. He knew that working in Simplification and UX would have been of added value to his project. And to his amazing life.

CUBE was born in 2016.

It provides marine services worldwide.

Filippo is so happy now.

Yes! Why not?

  Thank you!

I'm a little tired..

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Bernardo Cigliano

Thank you!

And I am sorry for all the time you dedicated to me and to Simplification and UXD.

I hope I told you something useful for your life and hope to hear from you soon for a coffee!

                        My pleasure!!

Ok,here how we can GET IN TOUCH.

Decide how.


You can send me an email, it's very easy:


Or we can talk by phone:

00 39 392 100 1822


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