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Bernardo Cigliano

Ok. What you think of a call or a email to meet us for a coffe? Do you know that talk around a good coffee will increase the worth of an idea?

Ah! So, let's start with an email to organize a meet with a good coffe so.

     I don't really imagine how you operate such a high end work!

How you operate?

Please continue !


     New chat.

I'm a little tired.

2010, Andrea Dovizioso Honda HRC MotoGP Vemar Helmets, Bernardo Cigliano Design / Simpl D

Where to test Simplification in Extreme Sports? It could be a paradox, but it is in extreme stressed acts that we need more Simplification.

MotoGP Riders know well this.

It was the first time we placed a product on that Top High-End Level in MotoGP.

Making Surveys sometimes gives extraordinary feedbacks!

Or the following.

It is the case of RAKKI. Rakki is the most powerful Soft Gear Protection for Urban Commuting.

It was born on the Attention to people needs.

People wanted to break free from their limits. This is it.

As in the past yrs when I made analysis of a focus target and I had an high % of feedbacks that was not responding to some strategies.

We had the chance to change shortly and we issued special products.

Fantastic! Go on.

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Bernardo Cigliano

As a Simplify and UXDesigner I analyze the scenery and the real innovations to find solutions to our needs, eliminating all the garbage accumulated elsewhere.

Further I build an easy ladder to climb to deserved satisfaction.

Bernardo Cigliano

I reduce the peaks of waste.

Companies are going to move free, with no obstacles.And they increase margins.

Bernardo Cigliano

I operate through a series of on-site invisible INTERVIEWS, which will be followed by ANALYSIS and EVALUATION of the RESULTS.

Bernardo Cigliano

I talk also with people and I analyze their EXPECTATIONS, the roles that effectively are carried out, and the percentage of ATTENTION keeps in them.

Bernardo Cigliano

Further, I analyze the INTERFACE tools as an User Experience Designer, to optimize the experience of using corporate tools and more, in order to achieve AFFORDANCE.


Want you know how I operate in Simplification and UXDesign?

Simplify: a PLAN.

             You enchanted me!

I would like to have a contact.

How can I have it?

2010, Baci&Abbracci Vemar Helmets, Bernardo Cigliano Design / Simplification 2010, Hello Kitty Sanrio Vemar Helmets, Bernardo Cigliano Design / Simplification 2015, RAKKI Soft Protection Gear, Bernardo Cigliano Design / Simplification / UXD


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Ok,here how we can GET IN TOUCH.

Decide how.


You can send me an email, it's very easy:  b@bc6.it


Or we can talk by phone:

00 39 392 100 1822


Wait for yours!

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