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Bernardo Cigliano. Simplicity Designer

I operate in Simplification.

I'm a Simplicity Designer.


I release Resouces to be dedicated to more added-value activities.

I increase Satisfaction of an Organization or Individuals.

I'm Co-Founder and President of di Quia Academy.

President of BC6 Simplification Design.  Co-Founder of X-Farm.




I operate to understand how to make prople work better, either in an Organization or individually, in order to create a best  Human Centered Life, through new methods or approaches of work and thinking.


I work to Simplify Companies Lives, Business, Individual People that want to have their days improved.


A simplicity expert’s job is to reduce multiple step processes to be less convoluted, from twelve administrative steps to three, or five days to half hour. Are all of the roles clear? Can some of the tasks be redistributed to fewer people? Can the addition of one person free up many people from a lot of the steps that eat up time, unnecessarily in their day?


That's only few goals that we are going to reach.

New and innovative work approaches might increase a lot a Company worth.

We can give those answers.